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Organic Herbal Remedies

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Our Mission

Here at Roots and Leaves we are dedicated to high quality products made with organic, non-gmo, sustainable ingredients. Artificial flavors, thickeners, refined sugar, preservatives and other unpronounceables are never allowed. We only give to your family what we would give to our own, that’s a promise. We use eco-conscious sustainable packing to do our part in taking care of the environment. Giving back is important to us so we donate 10% of all profits to selected charities.

Food Safety Matters To Us

Our products are third party lab tested for quality and purity. As a food producer we are heavily regulated by the department of agriculture, following guidelines established by the USDA and the FDA. We also comply with the Global Standard for Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). GFSI was established to ensure confidence in the delivery of safer food to businesses and consumers, while continuing to improve food safety throughout the supply chain. These global standards often go above and beyond regulations. We are committed to the continuous improvement of food safety management systems to ensure the delivery of safe food and products to all of our customers.

Herbalist Formulated

Unique, safe & effective handcrafted herbal blends dreamed up and created by Haley.

100% Natural

All of our ingredients are organic or wildcrafted, and we never include ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Best Quality

Producing high quality organic remedies really matter to us and we take your trust very seriously.

Food Safety

3rd party lab tested for purity and potency. Made in an FDA registered facility, we go through strenuous effort to ensure safety for all.

What Makes Us Different?

All of our products were formulated by Haley, founder and herbalist. Every product that you see was developed because I couldn’t find a clean version of what I needed on the market to support my healing journey. I couldn’t find an elderberry syrup that didn’t have refined sugar, wasn’t housed in plastic, and had all of the herbal ingredients I was looking for. I couldn’t find a salve that would effectively treat my daughters diaper rashes that had ingredients I approved of. You get the picture. It didn’t exist so I created them, used them for years on my own family and then brought them to yours.

Cold Pressed Castor Oil vs. Expeller Pressed

Cold Pressed Castor Oil vs. Expeller Pressed

Ricinus communis plant in its natural setting, featuring its distinctive leaves and the spiky seed pods that contain the castor seeds.

In the holistic wellness landscape, castor oil emerges as a versatile and potent natural remedy, cherished for its myriad benefits ranging from hair and skin care to pain relief and digestive health. As we delve into the world of castor oil, understanding the nuances between its various extraction methods—such as regular, expeller-pressed, cold-pressed—is crucial for selecting the right type to meet your wellness goals.

What is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is derived from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant, offering a treasure trove of uses in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and even industrial applications. Its rich composition, notably the high content of ricinoleic acid, lends itself to a plethora of health and beauty benefits.

Extraction Methods: The Heart of the Matter

Chemical vs. Pressed Extraction

The extraction of castor oil can be achieved through chemical or mechanical means. Chemical extraction uses solvents like hexane to draw out oil from the castor seed cake left after initial pressing, maximizing yield but potentially leaving solvent residues. In contrast, pressed extraction physically squeezes out the oil, maintaining a more natural product profile.

Cold-Pressed Castor Oil

Cold-pressed castor oil, is a premium version obtained from the first pressing of castor seeds, characterized by its lower acidity, lighter texture, and clearer color. This makes it especially suitable for applications requiring a high purity level, such as in certain lubricants and cosmetics. This method retains most of the plant's original aroma, flavor, and nutritional content, including its antioxidants. This method ensures a purer, more beneficial oil, particularly suited for hair and skin applications, thanks to its unaltered nutrient profile.

Expeller-Pressed Castor Oil

Expeller-pressed (often referred to as regular castor oil) is obtained by mechanically pressing castor seeds, generating high heat through friction. The temperatures reached during extraction (140-210°F) can alter the oil's natural composition, potentially affecting its nutritional and therapeutic qualities.

The Benefits of Castor Oil: A Closer Look

Castor oil's benefits are broad and significant, largely attributed to its ricinoleic acid content. This unique compound offers anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, making castor oil a staple in natural skincare and haircare formulations. It can help hydrate skin, promote hair growth, and soothe scalp conditions. Beyond beauty, castor oil has therapeutic uses, such as relieving arthritis pain and constipation, and supporting the body's natural healing processes.

Choosing the Right Castor Oil

When selecting castor oil, consider the intended use:

  • For beauty and skincare: Cold-pressed is preferred for its purity and nutrient retention, enhancing its effectiveness in moisturizing and treating the skin and hair.
  • For therapeutic and health purposes: Cold-pressed castor oil, with its full spectrum of nutrients, is ideal for supporting health remedies, including pain relief, detox and digestive health.
  • For industrial and other non-skin applications: Expeller-pressed oil is often sufficient, providing a cost-effective solution without the need for nutrient preservation.

In embracing castor oil as part of a holistic wellness approach, understanding these differences enables one to harness the oil's full potential, tailoring its use to specific health, beauty, and industrial needs. Whether you're incorporating it into a skincare routine, seeking natural remedies for health issues, or exploring its uses in products, the choice of castor oil type plays a pivotal role in maximizing its benefits.

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How-To Use And Clean A Castor Oil Pack

How-To Use And Clean A Castor Oil Pack

Discover the therapeutic benefits of castor oil packs in this concise guide. Learn the essentials of effective application, safety tips, and easy cleaning methods to maintain your pack. Ideal for holistic health enthusiasts seeking practical, natural remedies.
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How To Use Castor Oil - Our Top 10 Favorite Ways

How To Use Castor Oil - Our Top 10 Favorite Ways


Top image for a blog post titled '10 Unexpectedly Useful Personal Care Uses for Castor Oil', featuring a natural and green color theme. The image includes a bottle of castor oil amidst symbols of personal care: imagery for hair and nail treatments, and icons representing health benefits such as soothing constipation and moisturizing skin. The design is clean, professional, and devoid of any text, emphasizing the diverse applications of castor oil in a holistic, health-focused setting.


Castor oil, a versatile and natural elixir, is often associated with traditional remedies. However, its applications extend far beyond the expected, especially in personal care. In this blog post, we'll explore 10 innovative and perhaps surprising ways to incorporate castor oil into your daily personal care routine. Always be sure you are using an organic, cold pressed, hexane free castor oil like THIS ONE. Read more about why cold pressed matters in this blog post HERE

1. Soothe Constipation with a Gentle Touch

FDA-approved for short-term relief, castor oil can be a gentle solution for constipation. Its ricinoleic acid content stimulates gut contractions, easing discomfort when applied over the abdomen area. It's important to use it under medical supervision for safe relief.

2. Lock in Dewy Moisture for Skin and Hair

Castor oil's rich texture is perfect for deeply moisturizing skin and hair. Its hydrating properties leave your skin and hair feeling soft and supple.

3. Ease Inflammation and Pain Naturally + Encourage Detox

Experience relief from muscle aches, cramps and joint pains with topical castor oil packs. Their anti-inflammatory properties can offer comfort and detox properties. 

4. Encourage Hair Growth

While research is ongoing, anecdotal evidence suggests castor oil might promote hair growth. Massaging castor oil into your scalp could moisturize and potentially strengthen hair follicles making it great for eyelashes and eyebrows as well! 

5. Combat Toenail Fungus

Emerging studies indicate that castor oil, when combined with antifungal agents, can be effective against toenail fungus. Our fave combination is castor oil and therapeutic grade tea tree oil. 

6. Natural Denture Cleansing

Castor oil's antibacterial properties may make it a potential natural cleanser for dentures. 

7. Exfoliate and Soften Chapped Lips

Mix castor oil with sugar or coffee grounds for a DIY lip scrub. Its gentle exfoliating and moisturizing abilities can leave your lips feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

8. Gentle Mascara and Makeup Removal

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals for removing mascara. Castor oil can gently dissolve even waterproof mascara, ensuring a sting-free experience. Simply apply with a cotton pad and wipe away and as a bonus, it will support that eye lash growth we all want! 

9. Tame Frizz for All Hair Types

Combat frizzy hair with castor oil's smoothing properties. Suitable for all hair types, a small amount can tame flyaways and add a lustrous shine without heaviness.

10. Strengthen Brittle Nails

Regularly massaging castor oil into your nails and cuticles can fortify brittle nails, promoting strength and preventing breakage. Consistency is key to seeing results.


Castor oil's versatility in personal care is both surprising and impressive. From soothing internal discomfort to enhancing external beauty, this natural oil can be a valuable addition to your personal care arsenal. Embrace these unconventional uses and enjoy the benefits of nature's own remedy.

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