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Liver Love Tea


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Your liver is one of your most vital organs, serving as the main processor for toxins and waste that your body accumulates through your environment, stress, alcohol and certain foods. Every herb in this blend helps to support your liver's natural detoxification process. This gently cleansing and nutritive blend is excellent for supporting a healthy detoxification process as well as healthy skin and digestion.

Our handmade tea is made to order, therefore it is fresher than anything you will find in the store. Loose-leaf tea is more effective because the herbs are not sealed up and every inch of them are touched by the hot water and allow for higher extraction of the nutrients. Bagged teas are sealed shut on all sides with toxic glue - always go with loose-leaf tea, whenever possible, for this reason.

This blend is caffeine and sugar free. I chose each herb carefully and prayerfully for their liver supporting properties. 


  • Organic Nettle
  • Organic Red Raspberry
  • Organic Dandelion Leaf + Root
  • Organic Milk Thistle
  • Organic Peppermint Leaf
  • Organic Whole leaf Stevia


Serving Size for one cup of tea is around 1-3 tsp per 8 oz of hot (just below boiling) water. However, a different tea to water ratio may be used to strengthen or weaken the effects. Steep 10-20 minutes in a covered cup for maximum allergy reducing benefits. Covering, helps prevent any nutrients from escaping in the form of steam.

A stronger infusion can also be made by putting 1/4 cup of herbal tea in a quart mason jar, pouring hot water over it, and letting it sit overnight in the fridge before straining. This is my personal preferred method as my tea is ready to go every morning, I just make it at night and it's ready to go the next day in a strong infusion.

2.25 oz bag- makes up to 75 cups of tea (if using 1 tsp of herbs)

OPTION of stainless steel mesh ball (not required- choose "without strainer" if you only want tea) to purchase a metal mesh tea ball strainer in the following options, see pictures. All are top rack dishwasher safe:

- stainless steel mesh ball with locking component and hook that hangs over top of mug (+$3.50)

*please note these are very fine mesh strainers but little bits of herbs still can get through at times. 

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