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Organic Cold Pressed Hexane Free Castor Oil 16 oz


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Castor Oil is packed with nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids, flavonoids, ricinoleic acid,  Vitamin E, phenolic acids, amino acids, terpenoids and phytosterolsAdditionally, it contains a fatty acid called ricinoleic acid that’s been shown to help balance inflammation and support digestion. It is important to note that our castor oil is COLD PRESSED (never expeller) this is an important distinction to retain more nutrients of the oil. Think of it as raw vs. cooked. 

Our oil contains 92+% of ricinoleic acid, which can make our oil more effective at penetrating deeper skin layer’s and even access the circulatory and lymphatic system. Most castor oil contains around 80% and companies typically don't list on their label what the content % is. We list it right on the label! Our castor oil is also hand bottled by the Roots and Leaves Team in Aiken, SC. 

Years ago, castor oil was taken internally as a laxative, but our food-grade oil is intended for topical use only with our Castor Oil Pack which may help support inflammation, detox, digestion, constipation, deeper sleep, stress support, microbiome balance and so much more. Read our top 10 favorite ways to use castor oil HERE

Storage: Each bottle is dated with an expiration date and should be kept in a cool dry place like an indoor cabinet. No need to keep in the fridge. 


  • 100% Organic, Cold Pressed, Hexane Free Golden Castor Oil
  • Bottled in 16 oz Amber Glass Bottle
  • Never bottled in plastic, glass is always our choice for the health of our customers and our environment.


This is a large 16 oz family sized bottle, it has 32 servings if using 1 tbsp a day and 96 servings if using 1 tsp a day. 


Please note that castor oil will stain clothing, sheets and anything it comes in contact with. 

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