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low fat and low carb ranch dressing

Homemade Low Fat/Low Carb Ranch Dressing

Recently I have been strength training very instensly and in doing so I realized I needed to do an overhaul of my diet. Even though I eat extremely healthy and focus on whole organic foods, I realized I wasn't getting enough protein everyday to sustain my new muscles and energy levels. I embarked on the journey of counting macros to ensure that I was getting plenty of protein and carbs every day, while watching my fat intake to optimize my strength training. 

This was a difficult feat at first because I LOVE my homemade mayo and ranch but I now only consume around 50-60 grams of fat a day and that would easily be gobbled up with just a few tablespoons of my normal homemade ranch. And let me tell ya, I am a serious clean ranch addict. 

Listen, there are tons of ranch recipes out there but I could not find one that tasted good and wasn't loaded with fat. I tried some no fat greek yogurt ranch recipes and they were...super sour and sorely lacking in flavor so I decided to create my own recipe. 

If you follow a low carb way of eating then normal ranch is perfectly fine for you as you need the extra fat content to compensate for lack of carbs, but if you follow a macro based (higher/moderate carbs) or lower fat lifestyle like I am then this is the perfect ranch dressing for you. 


1 cup no fat yogurt- my fave is Siggi's Icelandic

6 tbsp mayo (I use my homemade mayo recipe which you can find here)

1.5 tsp dried dill

1 tsp dried chives

1.5 tsp dried parsley

1 teaspoon garlic powder

3/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp ground pepper

1 tbsp rice vinegar or Fire Cider

*Optional but totally amps up the flavor and cuts the sourness of the yogurt:

*1 tsp swerve or sugar/honey/sweetner of choice

*1 tsp Trader Joe's Multipurpose unami seasoning blend

*1-2 tsp siracha for a little spice

*2-4 cloves raw garlic pressed or minced

Add all of the above to a 2 cup measuring cup and mix well, add water until the mixture reaches 2 cups. We like our ranch pretty thin so add less water if you want thicker ranch 

Nutritional Info:

Whole 2 cups: 750 calories, 60 grams of fat, 10.5 carbs, 28 grams protein

Per Tbsp: 24 calories, 2 g fat, .33 carbs, .89 protein

Pour your ranch into one of our elderberry and honey tonic bottles that you have (obviously) saved to recycle! It makes the perfect glass container to pour this delicous ranch with ease. 

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