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Triple Lab Tested for Ultimate Quality

Triple Lab Tested for Ultimate Quality



Wearing a hair net, in a lab, is not my most flattering photo but sharing this important message mattered more!
Do you know our products are tested THREE times? 
Above is a picture of me and my daughter in our production facility lab, having fun and learning from the scientists/chemists (most of which are women so that is amazing for my little one to see). She even did a fun science experiment for my five year old that day, so homeschool science check! 
First: When we produce our products we check for PH, potency, and more, right on the spot. 
Second: Then, we go a step further and PAY for third party lab testing that tests for toxins, lead, mold, mildew and harmful contaminants like pesticides.
Last but not least: We test for shelf stability. Meaning, we know EXACTLY how long our product is good for before mold and mildew starts to develop. Like literally, exactly. This took over a year to lab test. Our elderberry is completely safe unopened for two years, once open it is good for two months in the fridge.
Yes, we could have made that longer by adding harsh preservatives or adding a TON more honey but we actually care about your health. 
Sharing this unflattering picture to show our customers how much I truly care about quality. We are not required to triple test our products, but it is what I would want for the products I purchase and consume so I do the same for you and your family! 
Thank you for putting your trust in me, my formulations and my quality standards!
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