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Thyroid Support Tea


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Thyroid disorders are becoming more and more rampant. This tea helps to nourish your thyroid and feeds it the nutrition it needs to thrive. This tea does not replace thyroid medication. This is a great tea to drink even if you don't have thyroid issues as it simply nourishes your thryoid which is vital to our health and wellbeing. We also use this tea if we suspect strep throat as thyme has been shown to be powerful against streptococcal bacteria. 

Thyme: An incredible antiviral that’s integral to supporting your thyroid. Its nutritional compounds potentially settle into the thyroid and allows the thyroid to be fully supported, while this valuable food also knocks down the viral load throughout the body, which may help to relieve a multitude of symptoms.

Fennel seeds: Fennel seeds contain an aspirin-like compound that acts as an anti-inflammatory to a thyroid flared up. This calming of the thyroid may help to improve its hormone production.

Lemon balm: This is a pleasant and mild-tasting herb. It potentially helps to repel viral and bacterial cells in the thyroid, liver, and spleen with its alkaloids and other key phytochemicals, while also helping to strengthen lymphocytes so the immune system can fight off the virus.


  • Organic Thyme
  • Organic Fennel
  • Organic Lemon Blam
  • Organic Whole Leaf Stevia


Serving Size for one cup of tea is around 1-3 tsp per 8 oz of hot (just below boiling) water. However, a different tea to water ratio may be used to strengthen or weaken the effects. Steep 10-20 minutes in a covered cup for maximum allergy reducing benefits. Covering, helps prevent any nutrients from escaping in the form of steam.

A stronger infusion can also be made by putting 1/4 cup of herbal tea in a quart mason jar, pouring hot water over it, and letting it sit overnight in the fridge before straining. This is my personal preferred method as my tea is ready to go every morning, I just make it at night and it's ready to go the next day in a strong infusion.

2.25 oz bag- makes up to 75 cups of tea (if using 1 tsp of herbs)

OPTION of stainless steel mesh ball (not required- choose "without strainer" if you only want tea) to purchase a metal mesh tea ball strainer in the following options, see pictures. All are top rack dishwasher safe:

- stainless steel mesh ball with locking component and hook that hangs over top of mug (+$3.50)

*please note these are very fine mesh strainers but little bits of herbs still can get through at times. Out of the three options the leaf strainer is the finest mesh of all, leaving hardly any herbs in the infused water.


The taste of this tea is not the yummiest, not gonna lie. The Thyme shines through pretty strong, and it has a very opinionated flavor (although some customers LOVE the taste). The organic stevia leaf covers over a multitude of interesting flavors, and is recommended for thyroid support as well. So win, win. I add just enough of the whole stevia herb (NOT stevia powder) to cover the unique taste but it does NOT taste overpowering in sweetness. You can add a little raw honey to your tea if you want it sweeter!


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