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Bug Away Spray - Organic Bug Repellent


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Naturally repel mosquitos, ticks, chiggers, no-see-ums, fleas and more! Herbal infused plus essential oils.

Bug Away the Natural Way was created after I developed lyme’s disease from a tick bite and needed a product to repel ticks and mosquitoes safely and effectively. Our bug spray smells lovely and refreshing. We also include some unique ingredients like pure mexican vanilla to help our product repel mosquitoes longer than our competitors (clinical studies have shown vanilla is an effective insect repellent). Being an herbalist, I always sneak herbs into my products when possible, and this product is no exception. I tincture the witch hazel with yarrow and catnip for six weeks to extract the insect repelling properties from the herbs. Yarrow and catnip herbs have been shown to be as effective as Deet, with no harmful side effects. This is not a basic witch hazel and essential oil bug spray, it is infused for WEEKS with strong herbs PLUS organic essential oils. I have found this combination to be unique and most effective. Most natural based repellents only last for around 30 minutes, but ours sticks around for two hours before needing to re-apply without feeling overly greasy. This spray does not contain phthalates, parabens, fragrance oils or DEET. It is extremely effective and smells nice which everyone loves!

Safe to use on Adults and children 12 months+- For children under 12 months, spray on clothing instead of skin and avoid spraying near face.

Ingredients: *Witch hazel infused with *yarrow and *catnip herbs, distilled water, *non-gmo vegetable glycerin, *neem oil, *vanilla, Essential oil blend of: *rose geranium, *lavender, *tea tree
*denotes organic

Size- 8 oz BPA free plastic spray bottle

If your skin is sensitive to essential oils, test an area of skin before applying liberally. If sensitive, apply to clothing only. Shake well before applying as oils will naturally separate to the top of the bottle. You can also apply to dogs and horses once or twice a day to repel ticks and fleas (do NOT apply to cats). You can also spritz on plants to help deter insects. Always avoid eyes, mouth and other sensitive areas. External use only.

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